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KB01260 - AT-ANC-108D USB Firmware Update Procedure


Subject: AT-ANC-108D USB Firmware Update Procedure


The purpose of this document is to demonstrate updating the firmware for the AT-ANC-108D via USB. Updating firmware can also be done via AMS.

Equipment Required for the update:

1 x USB to USB mini cable

Windows version tested: Windows 7

AT-ANC-108D: 1.0.00

  • Unplug all cables from the AT-ANC-108D.
  • Plug in the USB to USB-mini cable from the PC to the AT-ANC-108D.
  • Hold down button 1 while plugging in a power source to the AT-ANC-108D. If this is done correctly, button 1 will blink 3 times.
    1. Button 1 will have two small bumps in the middle of the button.
    2. Power can come from a 5-volt power source or from a PoE enabled switch: 
  • On the PC, a Windows Explorer window will appear. Drag and drop the .bin file to the window. The file will upload, and once it is completed, the window will disappear.
  • Unplug all cables from the AT-ANC-108D. To ensure that the update procedure was successful, check the firmware version from the web GUI or AMS.

 Article ID: KB01260 

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