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KB01253 - When pinging an Atlona product, a message is received stating “TTL expired in transit”

SKU: All SKU’s affected. Extenders with two LAN ports mostly affected

Subject: When pinging an Atlona product, a message is received stating “TTL expired in transit” 


If you try to ping your Atlona and you see the following feedback:

You most likely have a network or a routing loop somewhere in the LAN that your Atlona device exists in. The TTL, or “time to live”, is a field that tells an ICMP ping packet how many hops it should take before it drops. This is useful when running a traceroute command, and you want to reveal a specific number of routers along the way.

What is happening is the ping packet, for example, is being forwarded out of an interface and the receiving interface is then forwarding the traffic back to the sending interface. You can run a trace route command via command prompt on windows to locate any network loops. Your feedback might look like this example:


25        258 ms 257 ms 275 ms

26        376 ms 272 ms 318 ms

27        261 ms 265 ms 262 ms

28        269 ms 270 ms 262 ms

29        268 ms 269 ms 273 ms

30        441 ms 386 ms 480 ms

Once the source of the loop has been detected, simply remedy the issue via a configuration or cabling change, and try pinging the Atlona device again. Your feedback should look like this upon completion of a successful ping:

Article ID: KB01253

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