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KB01544: HDBaseT Extenders and LG Display Challenges

Date Issued: 10/31/2016

Subject: Atlona has discovered compatibility challenges between HDBaseT extenders and certain model series LG displays, where the displays will not get a consistent signal from HDBaseT extenders

Dear Valued Customers:

We would like to inform you that we have discovered compatibility challenges between HDBaseT extenders and the following models of LG displays:

  • 86UH9500-UA
  • 65UH9500-UA
  • 75UH8500-UD
  • 65UH8500-UA
  • 60UH8500-UA
  • 55UH8500-UA
  • 75UH6550-UB
  • OLED65E6P-U
  • OLED55E6P-U
  • OLED65C6P-U
  • OLED55C6P-U
  • OLED55B6P
  • OLED65B6P
  • OLED65G6P
  • OLED77G6P

The challenge can present itself immediately during install, or shortly thereafter. We are currently working with LG to resolve this, but in the meantime, customers can try installing an AT-ETU-SYNC, AT-UHD-SYNC, or AT-HDDA-2 in-line between the receiver and display. This has been known to resolve issues in up to 90% of all cases. Please note that neither the AT-UHD-SYNC nor the AT-HDDA-2 are HDCP 2.2-compliant.

Feel free to contact our TAC Department by calling 1(877) 536-3976 for further assistance.

Article ID: KB01544

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