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KB01206 - How to replace power supply fuse in a UHD-PRO3 matrix


Subject: How to replace power supply fuse in a UHD-PRO3 matrix

Troubleshooting:  Fuses on the UHD-PRO3 system should not normally fail under normal operating conditions. Electrical surges and other power irregularities can cause the fuse to pop which is a protection system for the UHD-PRO3 matrix. This would normally be done only in the event that an AT-UHD-PRO3 matrix is not powering up and the power/circuit that’s supplying the unit with electrical current has been confirmed to function without any issues.


To replace the fuse on a UHD-PRO3 Matrix, please follow these steps:



Unplug power from the matrix

  1. Use a small flathead screwdriver and place it into the small opening as shown below:
  2. Press outwards to open the fuse holder (its recommended to cup your near the fuse holder as the fuse can come out quickly causing it to fall out and get lost). Pressing outwards should dislodge the fuse holder:


     3. Pull out the fuse holder to reveal the main fuse and a spare:


    4. After replacing the fuse, slide the fuse holder back in noting the appropriate side:    


To purchase additional fuses, please purchase: T4AL 250 V (Slow blow) fuses in the 20mm size.

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