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KB01189 - How to update the firmware on an AT-HDVS-200-TX-WP



This unit can be updated through WEB GUI and USB.


Needed items:
New firmware
- IP address of the unit
‐ Computer on the same network as the unit
‐ Username and password to access the WebGUI of the unit

1. Plug a LAN cable into the unit and your network router (if not already connected to the network)

Note: The LAN port may be hidden behind the faceplate you are using.

Note: The AT-HDVS-TX-WP can get network through it's HDBaseT port if connected to compatible switchers or receivers. Do not connect LAN from your network switch to both the switcher or RX and the AT-HDVS-200-TX-WP since this will create a network loop.

2. Type the IP address of the switcher into a web browser (as seen below)





A login screen will appear (this is the same log in for admin and general users).


3. Login using the username and password (this would have been set up during installation)

Once logged in:
4. Select the link named ‘System’

5. Select the Choose File button under Firmware Update
6. Select the new firmware file that was downloaded either from or
7. Press the Update button
A progress bar will display as the update is completed. After the update is complete, if a restart is required the required, the webGUI will display a prompt. The firmware update is now complete and the unit is ready to be used.



The firmware page displays the switcher, HDBaseT transmitter chips, and HDBaseT receivers firmware versions to make it easier to see what needs to be updated.

‐ Needed items (USB):
New firmware
‐ Mini USB to USB A cable
‐ Computer with a USB port
‐ Unit and optional power supply or HBaseT cable connected to PoE receiver

1. Disconnect power from the unit.
2. Connect a mini-USB type-B to USB type-A type cable from the FW port on the HDVS-200 to a USB port on the computer which contains the firmware file
Note: To access the USB port on the HDVS-200-TX-WP, remove the front face plate

3. Press and hold the INPUT button
4. While holding down the INPUT button, power the HDVS-200 by connecting an Ethernet cable from the HDBaseT OUT port, on the HDVS-200, to an HDBaseT power source
5. Continue holding the INPUT button until the internal disk folder for the HDVS-200 is displayed. If the AutoPlay dialog is displayed, then click the “Open folder to view files” option.




6. Remove any existing firmware files in the folder
7. Drag and drop the firmware (*.bin) file into the folder
8. Disconnect the USB cable from the HDVS-200 and the computer
9. Power-cycle the HDVS-200 by disconnecting and reconnecting the power
The update process is complete and the unit is ready to be used


Article ID: KB01189 

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