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KB01087 - How to use AT-HD-M2C audio converter with AT-UHD-PRO3 matrix


The AT-HD-M2C is a multi-channel to two-channel audio converter. With factory firmware 2.0.7, this unit has the ability to accept an HDMI signal with multi-channel audio (and video) on the input of the AT-HD-M2C and the unit will down-mix the audio and output it as a 2-ch signal. The video signal will also be down mixed to 2-ch while the resolution of the input signal will remain unaffected (this unit does not scale).

If you use the updated firmware 2.1.0, you will change the unit’s capabilities so that the RCA, Optical and Coaxial ports on the output still playback down mixed 2-ch audio while the HDMI output port would output video with multi-channel audio.

A perfect use case for the factory firmware would be a home AV system using an AT-UHD-PRO3 matrix. The home is set up for multi-channel audio playback in every room except for one room that can only play 2-ch audio.


While the AT-UHD-PRO3 matrix can de-embed audio, it does not down mix it.

Since sending multi-channel signal to a TV that’s only capable of 2-ch might cause audio to be played back incorrectly or not at all, you can use the AT-HD-M2C to convert the multi-channel signal from the AT-UHD-PRO3’s output and bring that down to 2-ch for a legacy display.

Firmware 2.1.0 changes the AT-HD-M2C unit’s output capabilities. It will still accept multi-channel audio/video on the HDMI input, however the HDMI output will now pass-through the multi-channel signal from the input while the RCA, Optical, and Coaxial audio outputs will all be outputting 2-ch audio. A use case for this firmware can be a home theater application where a multi-channel signal must be passed out to a digital sound processor (DSP) while analog 2-ch audio is required for a local set of headphones.

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