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KB01150 - Only hearing one audio channel (L or R) on the Analog output of an AT-UHD-CLSO-824



Audio can only be heard from the left analog audio output port in one room and the right analog audio output in another room. 


Source (i.e. Win 10 laptop) -> HDVS-150-TX -> CLSO-824 -> HDBT OUT1 projector
-> analog audio out1 (Left/Right) to DSP for Room A
-> analog audio out2 (Left/Right) to DSP for Room B
-> HDBT out2 projector


  1. Establish a telnet connection
  2. Send a few commands to the 824 such as ("PWON", "PWOFF") to confirm you have control of the unit
  3. Send the "VOUTMute1 off", and "VOUTMute2 off" - Confirm if the same issues persist
  4. Send the "Mreset" (no quotes and command is case sensative) command to restore the unit back to factory settings
  5. In the web interface of the 824, under the "Downmix" drop-down, set it to "enable" for both Analog 1 and Analog 2 config. 


After performing a reset, see if audio works fine on the unit audio works fine now (you are able to hear both left and right channels in both zones). 
Article ID: KB01150
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