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KB01142 - What is the bandwidth requirement for OmniStream devices?

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Subject: What is the bandwidth requirement for OmniStream devices?

Q: What are the bandwidth requirements for OmniStream devices?

A: Bitrate (which translates to bandwidth) is configurable on each encoder. The maximum value is 900Mbps. Typical values for 4K/UHD video would be 900Mbps. Typical values for 1080p video or below would be 450Mbps. When FEC is enabled, overhead bandwidth is necessary for calculating the FEC packets, however, the OmniStream system automatically compensates for that by dropping the video bandwidth low enough to accomplish the configured bit rate with the added FEC bandwidth overhead. OmniStream encoders operate on a capped variable bitrate which means that the configured bit rate is the maximum bit rate that will ever be utilized. When streaming a still image, the bandwidth would be much lower than the specified rate. For more information, refer to the IT deployment guide.

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