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Enabling auto switching on the AT-HD4-V41 and AT-HD4-V42 switchers

SKU: AT-HD4-V41, AT-HD4-V42
Subject: Enabling auto switching on the AT-HD4-V41 and AT-HD4-V42 switchers

Solution: Below are the instructions for enabling the auto switching function on your AT-HD4-V41/V42 switch.

To enable auto switching you will need:
A Windows PC with a Serial Program installed.
A USB to Serial Cable. 
The AT-HD4-V41/AT-HD4-V42 switch.

1) You will need to connect your computer to the unit using a USB to Serial DB9 adapter.
2) Open a terminal emulation program(like h-term, tera term, putty) on the computer and set RS232 settings to 9600, 8, none, 1.
3) Send the command “PWSTA” with a carriage return at the end to verify that you are getting feedback. If you are not getting feedback you might need to swap pins on the DB9 using a Null modem.
4) Once feedback is received and a good connection has been established, please send the command “AUTOON” with a carriage return. This will turn auto-switching on.
5) Verify that auto switching is turned on by unplugging and plugging in active sources on multiple ports.
6) If you still cannot get device to work please contact Atlona Tech Support at 1(877)-536-3976.
***Carriage return varies from control system to control system and is often either $0d, %0d, or \r***


Baud rate: 9600, Data Bits: 8, Parity: None, Stop Bits: 1 and Flow Control: None

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