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Velocity - o365 Oauth - Could not login using EWS credentials provided

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Summary: When setting up scheduling with o365 and Oauth, you are prompted with "EWS could not log in using EWS credentials provided."



  • You should have already followed the Microsoft room scheduling PDF step by step.
  • Velocity gateway must be able to reach the internet with a green globe on the top left corner of Velocity
  • Admin rights in Velocity
  • Admin rights in o365

Note:  We will be using 2.5.2 for this article. Button locations may be different if you are on another firmware.

What is the Error telling us

Unfortunately, we will not be able to say precisely what the issue is as Microsoft only tells us if everything works or doesn't. One item set up incorrectly would cause this error to come up. You will have to double-check to ensure everything works. Below are some common issues that people run into.

Incorrect admin email address

You'll need to use the email that was used to set up your account in Azure. This email made the secret value and requires the login with the same credentials. 

The top right corner of the Azure directory




Velocity O365 email


The Manifest

The manifest can get confusing for most users. Please ensure this is set up correctly, and every bracket and comma are accounted for. 


API permissions

Once the manifest has been completed, the admin will have to grant permissions. When this is done, the status should show a green checkmark.


Resource room/mailbox delegation

 Any group policy could affect this outcome, so we recommend testing with a new room without any permissions assigned to it. Microsoft has a few ways to set up your delegations.

One way to check is by going to your Exchange admin center, Recipients, followed by Resources.

Click on the resource room to open the settings, followed by Manage delegates, add your admin email, and set it to full access. Sometimes this will take 10-15 minutes for o365 to build and set up the room.


Microsoft documentation

Microsoft may change where items are located. We always suggest that you double-check their documentation in case of any updates.  

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