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AT-OMNI-238 Firmware Update via Dante software




As the AT-OMNI-238 is Dante IP-to-Analog Bridge hardware, the method for updating the firmware on this unit is via Dante software.

Dante has moved the Firmware Update option for its products to its Dante Controller software.  The current way to update Firmware is through the "View", Dante Updater highlighted below:




To update an OMNI-238 you must first download the firmware from the product page. Once the file is downloaded, extract the Zip folder. Notate the location of the AT-OMNI-238 file. 

In Dante Updater click Library

Find Imported Files

Click Import Firmware at the bottom of the window


Select the AT-OMNI-238 file that you extracted in an earlier step

Click on Home in the Red Menu Bar

Select Imported Firmware Files

The OMNI-238 must be online and connected to the network for the next step:


Select the OMNI-238 from the list and under action select Load or Reload

On the next screen verify select the checkbox acknowledging that audio will be interrupted during this process and select Update Now.


Update Status Progress Bar will show progress of the firmware process


You will be returned to Dante Controller when the update is complete. 

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