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TCP Proxy when using OME-SR21 and OME-RX31


Explanation: You might have noticed an exciting new TCP Proxy feature coming to the new OMEGA series of products. Sending RS232 commands out to devices is now much easier to do. No more trying to figure out the RS232zone command. All you need to do now is connect to the IP address of the device at the TCP Port assigned in the API documentation and send the RS232 command using either ASCII or HEX.

When using the OME-MS42, this feature works alongside the OME-EX-RX and OME-RX11 seamlessly. You will send the RS232 command to the OME-MS42 and it will, in turn, pass the command along to the RX's mentioned above.

OME-MS42 Local RS232: Port 9001
OME-MS42 HDBaseT RS232: 9002

If you plan on using the OME-SR21 or OME-RX31 alongside the OME-MS42, these receivers will have their own ability to control displays. This means they also have their own TCP Proxy ports available for use. Instead of sending your RS232 command to the switcher, you will in turn send it to the OME-SR21 or OME-RX31 at its respective TCP port.

OME-SR21 RS232 Port 1: Port 9002
OME-RX31 RS232 Port 1: Port 9003

Note: Ethernet is passed over HDBaseT. Only one LAN connection needs to be made.

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