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KB01666: Velocity Resources Directory


Summary: KB01666: Velocity Resources Directory

Atlona has a wide array of Written Documentation and Video Tutorials for various features and procedures within Velocity.  Here is a helpful Directory of Resources organized by field and topic.

Velocity Written Resources

Written Recources (Documentation, Integration Notes, Support Links)


Velocity Video Resources Directory

Getting Started

Obtaining an IP Address
Logging In
License Activation
Assigning a Site
Velocity Dashboard



Settings Menu

Navigating the Dashboard v2.1 Update
Gateway Settings v2.1
Database v2.1
                   How to save, download, and restore your programming
Cloud v2.1
Licenses v2.1
Tools v2.1
Email v2.1
Security v2.1
Network v2.1


Account Settings



Building Out the Site

Planning Room Technology


Technology and Control

Adding Technology
Making Connections
Basic Control & Control Settings
VTP & BYOD Touch Panel Sync
Basic Audio Control
Virtual Machine


Video Updates

2 Way Divisible Space with Velocity and OME PS62
2 Way Split Room with OmniStream and Velocity
Erroneous Control Buttons
Macros, Event Macros, and Room Triggers with Variables
Obtaining an IP Address
Password Recovery - Gateway Offline
Password Recovery - Gateway Online
Redundancy 1&2- enable settings and schedule backup
Redundancy 3 Sync Touchpanel
Redundancy 4 Primary Gateway goes offline
Redundancy 5 Clearing Settings


Velocity 2.3 Training Videos

Velocity 2.3 Two-Way Divisible Room
Velocity 2.3: Dashboard Widgets
Velocity 2.3: Two-Factor Authentication
Velocity 2.3: Macro Management
Velocity 2.3: Device Status
Velocity 2.3: Control Panels
Custom Interface Builder: Buttons and Properties
Custom Interface Builder: Canvas Properties
Custom Interface Builder: Variables
Custom Interface Builder: Panel Widgets


Velocity 2.4 Training Videos

Velocity 2.4 - Introduction
Velocity 2.4 - Dashboard
Velocity 2.4 - AMS
Velocity 2.4 - Device Configuration
Velocity 2.4 - Control Panel Functionality
Velocity 2.4 - Custom GUI Creator
Velocity 2.4 - Scheduling
Velocity 2.4 - Room Support
Velocity 2.4 - Driver Creation
Velocity 2.4 - Takeaways


Advanced Topics

Divisible Rooms - Multiway
Velocity Cloud for Backup and Remote Management
Custom GUI Variable: If Then
Custom GUI Variable : If Else Logic (Toggle)
Creating a Custom Control GUI
Custom GUI: Creating A Keypad
Velocity / OmniStream Video Wall Configuration
Driver Creation: Custom DSP
Driver Creation: Custom Matrix
2-way Parsing Driver


Velocity Training Webinars

Creating Divisible Spaces
Custom GUI: Creating a Custom Look and Feel including graphics, macros and more
Custom GUI: Advanced GUI programming with Variables and Control Logic
Creating Macros and Room Events
Velocity Drivers: Understanding, Updating, Creating and Modifying Drivers
Advanced Driver Creation with Velocity
Velocity QR Code Demo
Velocity 2.0 Room Scheduling and Network Management


Velocity Developer's Corner

Biamp Tesira Dial-pad Setup
DBX Zone Pro Integration
Biamp Tesira DSP Integration
Biamp Nexia Audia DSP
ClearOne Converge Pro2 Gain & Mute Integration
ClearOne VOIP Dialer
ClearOne POTS Dialer
Symetrix DSP Integration
Q-SYS Platform DSP Integration
Q-SYS Snapshot Preset Recall
Audio Technica Digital Mixer ATDM 0604 Integration 1
BSS Soundweb London Faders Velocity Integration
BSS London Recall Presets and Privacy Mute
BSS Dialer
Shure MXA910 Ceiling Mic
Klark Teknik Integration
Zoom Rooms Integration
Bose Control Space DSP
Bose DSP POTS Dialer



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