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KB01617 - Extender USB Integration Tips


Summary: Extender USB Integration Notes—This article provides integration tips for Atlona USB extenders and hubs.


Bandwidth Considerations

Atlona extenders prioritize video quality while supporting a hub-to-hub USB throughput of up to 120 Mbps. When including USB into your design, careful consideration of the available bandwidth will help ensure a seamless deployment.

  • Connect as many of your devices as possible on the same hub. This will minimize the data that must travel over the HDBaseT link.
  • Ensure that the bandwidth specifications of the devices you place on the remote hub do not exceed a total of 120 Mbps to be sent over the HDBaseT link.


Device Type Considerations


The USB 2.0 standard specifies various data transfer types which correspond to different types of devices. These behave differently when performance limitations are approached. Some device types prioritized.

  • 10% of available bandwidth is reserved for various USB housekeeping tasks.
  • Devices such as webcams and USB audio devices are given high priority.
  • USB storage devices are lower priority and will yield bandwidth and bus access to webcams and USB audio devices.
  • Mice and keyboards can send small amounts of data whenever the host polls them.


Using multiple webcams and USB audio devices can quickly use up available bandwidth and may conflict with one another. It is highly recommended to bench test such configurations before deployment.

If USB storage device performance is a concern, these devices should be given dedicated USB extenders.


Host Driver Support


It is easy to overlook drivers when designing a system. Be sure to bench test your system with multiple host computers and operating systems to ensure that all the necessary drivers for your devices are available and that they are reliable.


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