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KB01597 - How to Restore a Velocity Database Backup

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Subject: How to Restore a Velocity Database Backup

To restore a Velocity Database Backup, follow these steps below:

NOTE: Atlona recommends only restoring Database Backups that were created using the same Velocity version as that which is currently running.

  1. Locate the Settings menu on the Left Hand side, expand, and select Database from the drop down:mceclip0.png
  2. Here you have multiple options:
    1. To restore from a memory location, you have two options: 
      1. Select one of the five memory backup locations and press Restore:mceclip1.png
      2. Select one of the Database Backups Available For Restore and press Restore:mceclip0.png
      3. After clicking the Restore button, a dialog box will appear. Press OK to continue:mceclip3.png
    2. To restore from a downloaded backup, either drag and drop an offline backup onto the Upload Database Dump field in the illustration below, or click the field to browse for an offline backup:mceclip2.png
  3. Once you have started a Database Restore, you will be taken to a progress page for the Database Restore process:mceclip4.png
  4. Once the Database Restore process is complete (approximately 3-5 minutes), you will be taken back to the Dashboard:mceclip5.png

Article ID: KB01597

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