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KB01598 - Unable to Read UHD-PRO3 Screen


Summary: Unable to Read UHD-PRO3 Screen—This article provides helpful information relating to UHD-PRO3 screen readability challenges.



In rare cases, the front panel on the UHD-PRO3 series may become unreadable:




This is a cosmetic issue with the display itself and will not otherwise impact matrix performance. If you must read the display in this state, the dead pixels are often faintly lit. In the above example, the text reads:

"MAC Address
B8 : 98 : B0: 03 : 18 : 47"

Note that zeros are crossed.


If the front panel on your PRO3 matrix is unreadable, please contact Atlona Technical Support. We will stand by our 10 year warranty. If your matrix is under warranty, we can assist you with a front panel replacement. Additional contact information below:

  • Support chat
  • Email form
  • Call: +1 877.536.3976 (US Toll-free) | +1.408.962.0515 (US) | International: +41 43 508 43 21 


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