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KB01558 - OmniStream HDCP 2.2 Support

SKUs: AT-OMNI-111, AT-OMNI-112, AT-OMNI-121, AT-OMNI-122, AT-OMNI-521, AT-OMNI-512

OmniStream firmware version 1.2.1 introduced HDCP 2.2 support. A small number of OmniStream devices updated from pre-1.2.1 to a newer firmware version may report an Alarm message: "HDCP 2.2 key not installed"


To resolve this:


1. Download the newest OmniStream firmware here:

OmniStream™ Pro Encoder Firmware

OmniStream™ Pro Decoder Firmware

OmniStream™ R-Type Encoder/Decoder Firmware


2. Download the OmniStream HDCP 2.2 key here: 



3. Install this .vpup2 file to your OmniStream firmware


4. You may need to refresh your browser window to clear the Alarm


HDCP 2.2 is now supported on your OmniStream devices.


Article ID: KB01558

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