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KB01558 - OmniStream HDCP 2.2 Support

SKUs: AT-OMNI-111, AT-OMNI-112, AT-OMNI-121, AT-OMNI-122, AT-OMNI-521, AT-OMNI-512

OmniStream firmware version 1.2.1 introduced HDCP 2.2 support. A small number of OmniStream devices updated from pre-1.2.1 to a newer firmware version may report an Alarm message: "HDCP 2.2 key not installed"


To resolve this:


1. Download the newest OmniStream firmware here:

OmniStream™ Pro Encoder Firmware

OmniStream™ Pro Decoder Firmware

OmniStream™ R-Type Encoder/Decoder Firmware

Note that OmniStream 1.2.2 and above requires AMS update as well, found here:


2. Download the OmniStream HDCP 2.2 key here:


3. Install this .vpup2 file to your OmniStream firmware


4. Power cycle your OmniStream devices


HDCP 2.2 is now supported on your OmniStream devices.


Article ID: KB01558

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