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KB01529: How to load AMS Virtual Machine if there is no DHCP server available


Challenge: How to load AMS Virtual Machine if there is no DHCP server available

Step 1: Set AMS network settings to Host-Only adapter

Step 2: Navigate to your network adapter settings, set VBox network adapter to (this should already be set)

Step 3: Start AMS 2.0 from virtual box, IP should be

Step 4: Use a browser to navigate to, Login with admin, admin and setup AMS as normal

Step 5: Click your initials, click Server Settings, navigate to Network

Step 6: Change from DHCP to static IP, and assign IP address, if using Atlona gear with default static IP of, then set the IP address to, Subnet mask

Note: You can leave the gateway and DNS settings blank

Step 7: Save Settings, Accept and continue, AMS will now reboot

Step 8: Verify AMS has new IP address that you specified, once verified, power down AMS 2.0

Step 9: Change the VBox network adapter back to bridged adapter

Step 10:

Under Adapter Settings: Change VBox IP address to range set in AMS,, DO NOT set this to same IP as AMS

Step 11:

Make sure you network adapter is configured for IP range, DO NOT set this to the same IP as AMS

Step 12:

Start AMS 2.0

Step 13:

Navigate to new IP of AMS that you set in step 6. 

Step 14:

Login using the credentials set in step 4.

Notes: You can no longer use a DHCP server for AMS. Should you need to use a router and DHCP server at a later date, you will need to reverse all these settings or delete Vbox and reload AMS on your computer.


Article ID: KB01529


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