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KB01489 - AT-UHD-SW-510W USB Recovery


Subject: AT-UHD-SW-510W USB Recovery


If the AT-UHD-SW-510W front panel LEDs are cycling up and down and control of the unit is lost, this guide describes the 10-minute USB recovery process.

Minimum Requirements

Prepare the USB Drive

  1. Download the AT-UHD-SW-510W – USB to a PC.
  2. Format the 8GB+ USB Drive to FAT32.
  3. Extract the contents of AT-UHD-SW-510 – USB to the root directory of this FAT32 Formatted USB Drive.

Loading the Recovery Image

  1. Disconnect Power from the AT-UHD-SW-510W
  2. Connect the USB Recovery Drive to the USB AUX port on the AT-UHD-SW-510W

  3. Reconnect Power to the AT-UHD-SW-510W
  4. If the unit is connected to a display, this splash screen will appear:

Do not disconnect power during this process. Doing so may result in damage to the unit.

  1. Once completed, the AT-UHD-SW-510W will automatically reboot.
  2. A message will appear on the display, advising that it is now OK to remove the USB drive.
  3. Remove the USB drive from the AT-UHD-SW-510W.
  4. Disconnect and reconnect power to the AT-UHD-SW-510W.

If you continue to experience issues with your unit after following this USB Recovery Process, please reach out to Atlona Technical Support on your existing Support Ticket, or create a new one by emailing or calling (408) 962-0515 ext. 302, and a Technical Support Engineer will assist you further.

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