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KB01483 - Atlona AMS 2.0 macOS Installation Guide

The Atlona Management System (AMS) is a free, powerful software resource for select Atlona IP-controllable products in commercial, educational, government and residential environments. It integrates product configuration, management, and updates to reduce installation time and enable remote support. Comprehensive features include: automatic search and detection of Atlona products; device configuration in single or multiple sites; configuration backup, automatic or user-triggered firmware upgrades, and an intuitive graphical user interface. AMS is based on a distributed architecture where multiple installed AV devices can be managed from a single server. Using the simple, web browser-based user interface, the operator can drill-down from a high-level network view to an individual device. The operator can choose to manage systems either locally (LAN) or from a remote location (WAN).

Being a Linux based application, the AMS installer will provide not just AMS but Oracle VM VirtualBox as well.

1. Download the AMS software here - 

2. Drag and Drop the "AMS 2.0" folder to "Documents"


3. Double click on the VirtualBox.dmg icon and install the Oracle Virtual Box Application

4. Press Shift+Command+"O" - ⇧+⌘+"O", this key combination will trigger the "Finder" to open your "Documents" folder, now please double-click on AMS 2.0 folder.

5. Double click the "Atlona AMS 2.0.vboox" file - Virtual Box console will appear.

Once AMS is installed, it must be set up before it is ready for use.


1. Select the Atlona AMS 2.0 virtual machine and click the "Settings" button. A new window will open.


2. Click the "Network" button


3. Change "Adapter 1" Network setting from "NAT" to "Bridged Adapter" and Select your wired or wireless adapter network interface.


4. Once you click the "Ok" button you are good to start the "Atlona AMS 2.0" virtual

machine, Double click AMS 2.0 to launch the server. A new screen will pop up and run through an Ubuntu loading screen. When the loading is done, it will display a welcome screen with the server’s IP.



AMS 2.0 User manual available here - 


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