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KB01475 - Unexpected IP address for AT-AMS-SW

SKU: AT-AMS-SW (2.0+)

Subject: AT-AMS-SW is displaying an unexpected IP address, usually start with a prefix of 10.0.2.X.

Explanation: AT-AMS-SW application is hosted by VirtualBox application (Hypervisor type II) and as such the guest OS network interface is sharing resources with the guest operating system, in this case, it will be the Windows OS. VirtualBox provides network support and AT-AMS-SW utilize the Bridge option, in case your AMS display IP address which starts with a prefix 10.0.2.X, it means that the Network operation mode set to NAT instead of Bridge. 

1. Turn off the AMS software application by selecting "ACPI Shutdown" option under Machine at the top menu.


2. Switch back to the "Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager" console.

3. Select the "Atlona AMS 2.0" VM and at the top menu click on "Settings"


4. Select the "Network" option and at the "Adapter 1" tab.

5. Check the "Enable Network Adapter" checkbox in case it is not selected

6. Attached to: option should set to "Bridge" mode.

7. Select the right network interface from the "Name:" drop-down options. and click "OK"


8. Start the "Atlona AMS 2.0" and verify that the guest OS got the desired IP address.




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