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KB01410 - How to associate an AT-ANC-108D to an Atlona device


Subject: How to associate an AT-ANC-108D to an Atlona device


The purpose of this document is to outline the procedure of setting up the AT-ANC-108D to control another supported Atlona device. The AT-ANC-108D is not configurable through the web GUI, like other Atlona devices. The setup for this particular device has been moved to AMS due to the complexity of setup through the web GUI.

Versions used:

AMS: 1.5

AT-ANC-108D firmware: 1.0.04

Web browser: Chrome

Run a network scan to find AT-ANC-108D and supported Atlona devices.

  1. Go to Start > Add Device > Auto > Network: 
  2. Click the Add icon in the upper-left corner (blank piece of paper)
  3. Enter network details: 
  4. Press Save. The discovery process will begin: 
  5. All supported devices within that network will be discovered and added into the AMS database: 
  6. Right-click the AT-ANC-108D device from the Domain View, then click Associate Device:
  7. The Associate Device window will appear. Note that associating the AT-ANC-108D will cause the associated device to turn off DHCP and have a static IP address. If these devices are connected to a DHCP enabled VLAN, these IP addresses need to be excluded from the DHCP pool to prevent IP conflicts: 
  8. Select the device type of the device to be associated with the AT-ANC-108D. AMS will only show supported products that have been discovered and added to the database.
  9. Select the unit to be associated with the AT-ANC-108D. AMS will show only specific devices of the device type selected above
  10. Press Associate: 
  11. The Confirmation Window will appear. Press OK: 
  12. The association process will take approximately 30-60 seconds. During this time, AMS is configuring the AT-ANC-108D to work with the selected device. Once the association process is completed, the AT-ANC-108D will become a child of the associated device in the Domain View. This is indicated by a box with a “+” on the parent device, which can be clicked to show or hide the AT-ANC-108D. The AT-ANC-108D will be fully functional: 


Please note:

  • During the association process, it is common for the AT-ANC-108D to temporarily lose network connectivity. Once the association process is complete, and AMS shows the AT-ANC-108D as unreachable, pinging the device will show the correct reachability status. This can be done by right-clicking the AT-ANC-108D, hovering over Device, and clicking Ping.
  • The digital buttons displayed on the Configuration Details tab of the AT-ANC-108D are fully functional and send the same commands to the associated device just as the physical buttons on the AT-ANC-108D do.
  • The AT-ANC-108D can be disassociated from an associated device by right-clicking the AT-ANC-108D, then clicking Disassociate Device. This will disassociate the two devices and put the AT-ANC-108D device into its default mode.
  • The buttons on the AT-ANC-108D can be programmed to do other functions. Please inquire more for customization.

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