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USB 2.0 extension & Huddly Camera USB 3.0

SKU: All OMEGA products that support USB extension over HDBaseT, OMNI-311 & OMNI-324, AT-USB-EX100-KIT


Challenge: Huddly USB 3.0 camera showing an error message that USB 2.0 is not supported


Explanation: It has been brought to our attention that some Huddly USB 3.0 cameras are not properly down-converting to USB 2.0 to be able to pass over Atlona USB extenders.


The maximum data rate that can be transmitted over HDBaseT is 120Mbps. Some of our newer extenders like the AT-USB-EX100-KIT support a higher data rate of 280Mbps. The OMNI USB extenders support full USB 2.0 data rates of 480Mbps.


Solution: Huddly recommends updating the firmware on the camera to fix this challenge. Please see their help center article here:

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