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KB01109 - AMS not recognizing devices after IP change

SKUs: All AMS Configured Units

Issue: After setting a static IP of your Atlona device, the product will not show up in AMS automatically

Root cause: AMS will not recognize the IP changes immediately.


  1. Change your IP address of your unit to one that’s on the same network as the AMS
  2. Right Click on the unit in AMS and attempt to PING it
    1. The green arrow should change to a red one
  3. Perform the network scan again
    1. Performing it should get the updated IP address of the unit into AMS
      1. It will not create a new unit in AMS. This is distinguished via MAC address
    2. Press the Refresh button in AMS
      1. If everything has been done as stated above, the red box will turn back into the green check box

Article ID: KB01109 


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