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KB01318 - Controlling a Sharp Smartboard via the HDVS-300 system


Subject: Sending Serial Command To Smart Board Monitor


To control a Sharp Smartboard, please confirm the proper RS232 command for the Smartboard as well as its baudrate. Smartboard's tested by Atlona have been found to work at 19200 baud and require a Carriage Return and Linefeed (CRLF)

Please follow the steps below to configure the HDVS-300 for control of a Sharp Smartboard:

1. In Control Tab (web-GUI) or RS232 tab (AMS), set RS232 Control to “Control”:

2. Choose the appropriate baud rate, Smartboard's tested by Atlona have used 19200:

3. In the Command Tab (web-GUI) or RS-232 tab (AMS), ensure that the Feedback Verify setting is set to “Off”: 

4. Next, input your displays RS232 commands into the appropriate fields and select “CRLF” next to each command: 

5. Click TEST to send a command out and confirm it has the desired effect. If you find the commands do not work, its recommended to connect a PC with a USB to Serial cable and attempt to control the Smartboard locally. If you can control it locally, you will confirm you are sending the right RS232 commands, at the right baudrate, into the right port and that the port doesnt have any issues accepting commands. If you have any questions, please contract Atlona support for more help. 

Article ID: KB01318

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