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KB01256 - How to verify your Omnistream decoder is receiving Video/Audio from your Omnistream encoder.

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Subject: How to verify your Omnistream decoder is receiving Video/Audio from your Omnistream encoder


This guide was created to demonstrate how to verify that an OmniStream decoder is receiving a video/audio signal stream from a Omnistream encoder using AMS(Atlona Management Software).


a. Required Software

i.     AMS:

b.    Required Hardware

i. PC / Laptop running Windows 7, 8.x, 10

ii. Connection to the same Network switch OmniStream Devices are connected to

iii. RJ-45 and HDMI cables


a.       Run the AMS server on your PC and run a network scan of the network the Omnistream devices are in to discover the encoder and decoder. For example purposes, I am using my Omnistream encoder at IP address and my decoder at ip address

b.     Plug in any source via HDMI into your OmniStream encoder HDMI in port. We recommend you verify that your source is turned on and outputting video by plugging directly into a display

c.       After you have located your Omnistream devices within AMS, navigate to the Input tab and verify that you are seeing video details. From this information, I can validate that I have a 1920x1080 source plugged into my encoder via my HDMI input:

d.      For the next step, please verify on the Encoding tab that your stream is encoding HDMI input 1: 

e.   Navigate down the session tab and look at the multicast or unicast address that is subscribed to your HDMI input stream. The video stream will be multicast at an IP of Audio will be streamed at 


f.   Select your decoder device from the side bar on AMS. Click on the IP Input tab and enable the input you would like to cast video to. Select the interface you want the stream to be sent to and enter in the multicast address from your encoders destination IP address field. Because I want my video (from HDMI 1 on my encoder) to stream to my “ethernet 1” interface on my decoder, I’m entering in the IP address of Audio has been entered on Input 3: 


 g.      If you navigate to the HDMI Output tab on your decoder you will now see your video and audio information get populated. I can see that for Active Input that IP input 1 is selected and that my decoder is receiving video with a Status of 1920x1080p, 60fps, YUV422 fps 12 bpc:


 Article ID: KB01256 






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