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KB01237 - OmniStream™ Session Scrambling Explained

SKU: OMNI-112, OMNI-111

Subject: OmniStream™ Session Scrambling


OmniStream supports 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) scrambling for both audio and video streams. Scrambling can be enabled or disabled through AMS, and can be individually applied to video, audio, or both.

Scrambling can be enabled either before or after the decoding process is started. Data streams cannot be scrambled; only video and audio can be scrambled.

When scrambling is enabled, the scrambling key can be found under the Session tab on the encoder.

  1. Login into AMS
  2. Select the OmniStrean™ Encoder unit you wish to modify:                                            
  3. The OmniStream™ unit options will appear, please select the “Session” Tab:      


 4. When scrambling is enabled through the Virtual Matrix, the key is automatically generated and the Enable      Scrambling box is checked. A user-defined key can also be created and placed in both the Key and                Scrambling Key fields: 

5 . If a user-defined key is specified, then it must be a minimum of 8 alphanumeric characters. Special          characters and spaces are not permitted.

 Article ID: KB01237

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