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KB01235 - OmniStream™ Session Multicast and Port Settings Explained

SKU: OMNI-112, OMNI-111

Subject: OmniStream™ Session Multicast and Port


A multicast address is a logical identifier for a group of hosts in a computer network that are available to process datagrams or frames intended to be multicast for a designated network service. Multicast addressing can be used in the link layer (Layer 2 in the OSI model), such as Ethernet multicast, and at the internet layer (Layer 3 for OSI) for Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) multicast.

To Change the OmniStream™ Encoder Session Multicast and Port settings:

  1. Login into AMS
  2. Select the OmniStrean™ Encoder unit you wish to modify:                                                 
  3. The OmniStream™ unit options will appear, please select the “Session” Tab:    


4. The Session tab provides the ability to configure all session parameters. Up to four sessions are supported on dual channel encoders. Single-channel encoders are limited to a maximum of two sessions.

5. Since there are many reserved Multicast addresses in the 224.x.x.x domain, Atlona recommends skipping this domain and starting the multicast assignment using the range 225.x.x.x -239.x.x.x, all assigned ports must be a multiple of four. At the end of the multicast assignment click the “Save” button for your changes to take effect: 

 Article ID: KB01235 



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