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KB01223 - OmniStream™ IP Input Filter Explained

SKU: OMNI-122, OMNI-121

Subject: OmniStream™ IP Input Filter

Source-specific multicast (SSM) is a method of delivering multicast packets in which the only packets that are delivered to a receiver are those originating from a specific source address requested by the receiver. By so limiting the source, SSM reduces demands on the network and improves security.

SSM requires that the receiver specify the source address and explicitly excludes the use of the (*,G) join for all multicast groups, which is possible only in IPv4's IGMPv3.

OmniStream decoders can provide the SSM security and service protection to networks with no SSM support.

To Configure the OmniStream™ Decoder IP Input Mode (SSM Filter):

  1. Login into AMS
  2. Select the OmniStrean™ unit you wish to modify:                                                                  
  3. The OmniStream™ unit options will appear, please select the “IP Input” Tab:  



  1. Provide the incoming Multicast address and Port (In case of Dual Channel Decoder provide the incoming interface “eth1” or “eth2”).
  2. Select the desired Multicast Filter mode and provide the Multicast source IP address(es).
    1. Exclude - Multicast content coming from the source mentioned in the Addresses section will be excluded (blocked).
    2. Include - Multicast content coming from the source mentioned in the Addresses section, on the next page, to be streamed to the decoder.                                                  


  1. Click “Save”: 

 Article ID: KB01223 


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