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KB01200 - How to enable the use of the analog audio output of the OMNIStream decoder

SKU: AT- OMNI-121, AT-OMNI-122

Subject: How to enable the use of the analog audio output of the OMNIStream decoder

Solution: The OmniStream decoders do not come with analog audio enabled by default. You must first enable the feature via the Web-GUI or AT-SW-AMS software to utilize this feature. Please see below for steps on how to enable audio. Please note, to use the analog audio output(s), the decoder must be used with a dedicated powersupply that is sold separately. The part number is: AT-PS-483125-C

To enable analog audio on the decoder via the decoder’s web-GUI:

  1. Access the web-GUI of the decoder. For additional help, please see this article.
  2. Once in the web-GUI, click the “HDMI Output” tab and under “Audio” access enable the “Analog output” by sliding the slider over to the right (until it lights up orange).
  3. Click save at the bottom of the settings to apply this change:
  4. Please note, you may see an alarm stating the following message:

This is telling you that to use the analog audio output, the unit must have a dedicated power supply connected.


How to enable analog audio playback on a decoder via AMS:

  1. Access the OmniStream decoder using AMS. For help with this process, see this article.
  2. Access the Omni decoder in AMS and click on its “Configuration Details”
  3. From there, select the desired HDMI output tab (1 or 2) and scroll down to the “Audio” settings
  4. Ensure that the “Analog output” check box is checked
  5. Click save in the bottom right corner:
  6. Please perform a resync of the connection with the Omni decoder to ensure the desired changes were applied. Simply right click on the device in the “Domain View” found in the top left corner, click “Device” and then “Resync Now”:
  7. You may then notice an alarm:

What this is telling us is that the analog audio function of the OmniStream decoder requires the use of an external power supply. Please obtain the AT-PS-483125-C which is sold directly from Atlona or through authorized resellers.

Please note, you may also wait for the AMS system to resync its connection with the Omni decoder which is one once every 10 minutes. This will then also present you with the same alarm as shown above.

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