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KB01193 - How to start/stop the AMS Server (pre 2.0)

SKU: AT-SW-AMS (pre 2.0)

Subject: How to start/stop the AMS Server


  1. Start the AMS server by double clicking on the “Start Atlona Management System Server” icon in your start menu:
  2. Once the server starts you will see a confirmation message:
  3. Next, open up a browser on the PC running AMS and type in: “localhost:8080”:
  4. This will then take you to the AMS Login page:


  1. Login credentials are: Username = admin Password = admin123
  2. After entering credentials, AMS will launch and you will see the global view in your browser.

If you get an error message stating: AMS Error: During the startup of the AMS server, it freezes on the message “Starting PostgreSQL Server” please see this article.

To stop AMS:

  1. Simply run the “Stop Atlona Management System Server” and the program will close
  2. You can confirm its closed when the Atlona icon is no longer present in your “Show hidden icons” screen on the Windows Start Menu:

Article ID: KB01193

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