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KB01192 - How to export/import the configuration of a device via AMS

SKU: AT-SW-AMS, Any AMS manageable device

Subject: How to export the configuration of a device via AMS


  1. To export the configuration of a device via AMS, start by accessing the Domain View in AMS. If you have not yet added any devices to AMS, please see this article. After finding the device you want to export the configuration files from, right click on the device you want to export settings from:
  2. Next, click on Configuration followed by Export:
  3. After choosing export, a screen will pop up onto in which you can click a download link.
  4. Check your computers "downloads" folder for a file with the name of the specific Atlona product you exported settings from and a “.JSON” extension. This is the configuration file.
  5. You can then save this file or email it to a colleague to import to another device with the same model number and firmware.
  6. To import this file: Right click on the name of the device you want to import the configuration to and click on Configuration:                                              
  7. Select Import from the drop-down:                                                     
  8. Select the location of the specific file (most commonly in "downloads" folder) and then click Import:


Please note, this only exports user configurable settings, it does not copy username/password, IP information and does not update the firmware if the device this file is imported into is on another version.

Article ID: KB01192 



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