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KB01186 - New firmware released for the AT-HDVS-200-RX with improvements to user experienced and performance


Subject: New firmware released for the AT-HDVS-200 series with improvements to user experienced and performance


The AT-HDVS-200-RX and other products in the HDVS-200 series have received an updated firmware. As of the creation of this article, this new version is being provided to all customers who purchase an AT-HDVS-200 unit and Atlona recommends all customers with prior firmware versions update their units to utilize all of the system improvements.

Atlona recommends using the AT-SW-AMS software to perform the update however you can also utilize the HDVS-200’s web interface to perform the update. For help in updating firmware, please see this article.  

Additional information about the content of the release can be found here –

To obtain the upgrade package and the new User Manuals please login to Atlona’s product page at:

Article ID: KB01186 




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