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KB01086 - How to configure AT-UHD-PRO3 and Control4 control system hook up


If you are using a Control4 system and are unable to get communication into your AT-UHD-PRO3 matrix, please confirm the wiring from your Control4 processor is in the following way when connected to the Atlona captive screw connector. This is using a standard control4 emitter with the emitting end cut off (thus exposing two bare wires with the mono end of the cable connected to the C4 processor)

Printed words = Signal wire

Dashed Line = Ground wire


To utilize this function:

  • Please start by connecting your Control4 IR cable to the IR inputs on the back of the matrix:

   (S) = Signal and () = Ground

  • Please note, the AT-UHD-PRO3’s IR inputs do not have the ability to supply power to an IR receiver, therefore the IR inputs are optimized for connections with third party control systems.
  • Do not connect power to the signal or ground pins on the Atlona, this can cause permanent damage to your system.
  • If required (i.e. Control4 is not working) are able to use a locally powered IR receiver such as one powered by an IR connecting block and simply connect the signal and ground pins to the Atlona’s IR inputs.

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