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KB01005 - How do I check current firmware of a product and perform FW updates via AMS?


Subject: After initial device discovery, anytime a user logs into AMS, it will automatically check for firmware updates on all devices, as well as a software update for AMS itself. You can also manually check for and perform firmware updates for all your devices or for each individual device.

To check for and perform firmware updates for all your devices:

Click the Start menu, hover over Firmware, and select Check for Updates.


A new window will appear with a list of all connected device types. Any device with an available firmware update will have a Download link under Firmware URL.


Click the Download link and the firmware will automatically save to the local computer.

Once a firmware is downloaded, it must be uploaded to the server.

Click the Start menu, hover over Firmware, then Device, and select Upload.


A new screen (Device Firmware Upload) will appear.


Select the New button.

Fill in the information for the firmware update, and set a date for when the update will occur.


Select Choose File and select the previously downloaded firmware from the local computer.

Press Save. The firmware will appear within the Device Firmware Upload window.

To perform firmware updates for individual devices:

Select Update within the Start menu or Right-Click on the Firmware Update in the device menu.


Fill out the upgrade windows and select the date and time when the upgrade will occur.

Note: Select Run Now and press Save to have the update go through immediately.

Note: When the update occurs, the product will power cycle. If the IP is set the DHCP on, it may receive a new IP and device discovery will need to be run again.


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