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KB01154 - How to update firmware on the AT-HDVS-200-TX-WP


Subject: How to update firmware on the AT-HDVS-200-TX-WP

Steps: The AT-HDVS-200-TX-WP’s firmware can be updated in the following ways:

Update using the web interface:

  • The AT-HDVS-200 series has a web graphic user interface (web-GUI) which can be used to perform an update.
  • To utilize this method, you must first have the product you want to update on your network. An article about how to access the web interface of the HDVS-200 series can be found here.
  • Once network access is established, you can access the web interface of the unit by entering its unique IP address into an Internet browser of a PC that is on the same network as the product.

Updating via USB:

The AT-HDVS-200-TX-WP can have its firmware updated via the mini usb port found on the front panel:

To access this port, please remove the decora faceplate from the unit and the USB port will be between the LAN port of the unit and the VGA plug on the front panel.

To utilize this process, please use a Win XP, Win Vista or Win7 machine and a Mini-USB cable. An update can be done by using Win8 and Win10 but must be done using safe mode. For additional info on how to use safe mode, please see this article.

Once you have your PC ready, please follow these steps:

  • Obtain the firmware file here
  • Connect your USB mini cable to the FW port on the HDVS unit
  • Remove power from the unit, or remove the CAT cable connecting it to any other POE product (which supplies power to the TX)
  • Press and hold the input button on the front of the AT-HDVS-200-TX whilst connecting its power supply or a CAT cable with POE power being supplied to the TX.
  • Shortly afterward, your windows computer will automatically sense the newly connected device and treat it like a new drive:                                                           
  • If your computer doesn’t automatically sense the connection, try to locate a folder called “USB Update” in “My Computer”. If you can’t locate this folder, repeat the steps above using a different MINI-USB cable. Otherwise, try to connect to the HDVS-200-RX unit using the steps found in this article. If the TX cannot be accessed via USB, the Web-GUI or AMS but the RX can, please contact Atlona support.
  • Once you access the “USB Update” drive, open it up and the folder should be empty. If you see any files in there, feel free to delete them.
  • Next, simply click and drag your firmware file into the empty folder and close it out once the transfer completes.
  • Please note, if you exit the folder and try to reconnect, you will not see any firmware as the .bin extension automatically applies itself and is then hidden.
  • Power cycle the Atlona unit after a firmware update

This completes the USB update process.


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